brushing baby teeth

Dentists & Your Baby: When Should You Start Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth?

There is a sentence spoken by some households that terrifies each and every pediatric dentist. It sends chills down our spines, makes the hair on our arms stand up, and gives us a stomachache. “You don’t have to take care of baby teeth, they’ll fall out anyway!” While yes, baby teeth will inevitably fall out, taking care of your child’s teeth early on is extremely important for many reasons.

Habits Start Early

Babies begin to get their first teeth typically between 6 months and 1 year. This is also the age that babies begin to notice their surroundings, become familiar with family members, and start learning behavior. As parents, it is your job to model healthy lifestyles for them starting at this young age so they grow up with these routines as a part of their daily life. This includes brushing teeth. Not only should we be brushing our teeth in front of our young babes, but brushing their teeth as soon as they get any! There are many soft, silicone baby toothbrushes on the market that are perfect for your baby – they will probably enjoy chewing on them as a relief for teething as well. You can add to the comfort by sticking them in the freezer before brushing.

Healthy Gums Lead to Healthy Lives

Neglecting the baby teeth is like neglecting the heart or the brain just because they are young. If you eat an unhealthy diet or don’t wear a helmet when you are young, you can suffer the same damage as a toddler that you would as an adult. Taking care of your baby teeth is important because:

  1. Gum Health. If baby teeth become damaged or decayed, an infection can spread to the gums. In babies, this can be even more serious because their bodies are little and their ability to fight infection may not be as strong as an adult’s.
  2. Adult Teeth. If baby teeth are not brushed or checked, they may start to impact the way adult teeth grow. Pediatric dentists can take x-rays to see if there might be spacing issues and recommend treatment.

Those Baby Teeth

It is so exciting when your baby gets their first tooth. Amid your excitement and the pictures, don’t forget to schedule their first visit to a dentist. Our dental team would love to care for your baby at Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry. Not only do we recommend scheduling a baby’s first visit by age one, but we recommend that you start gently brushing your baby’s tooth/teeth as well. If you have any questions about your baby and their teeth, we are here for you. Schedule today as a new patient for just $79 (includes exam, set of x-rays, and initial cleaning/check-up)!