Dr. Michelle Haman at Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry of Colorado Springs is proud to offer orthodontic services to children and teens. Our office is committed to providing the latest revolutions in technology for our dental and orthodontic services, which is why we are proud to offer not only traditional braces, but also Fastbraces®. If you had braces, you may remember having to wear them for a year or longer. What if your child could achieve those same results, but in just months? Fastbraces® are quickly changing the way kids and teens wear braces.

Fastbraces® Give Your Child an Aligned Smile in Just a Few Months!

How do Fastbraces® Work?

Unlike traditional braces, Fastbraces® technology utilizes triangular brackets and a square wire. These elements work together to move both the roots and crowns of the teeth at the same time, helping you achieve an aligned smile in just a few months as opposed to a few years! Traditional braces move the crowns first and then the roots, which is why they can take so long to produce the results you are looking for.

Contact us today at 719-596-6920 to schedule an appointment or for any questions about Fastbraces® or traditional braces! We are also proud to offer Invisalign. Take a look at our blog for more information about children’s dental health!