Fluoride Treatments

Most tap water contains fluoride, which is an element that helps to strengthen tooth enamel and ward away decay. Fluoride is especially important for children’s developing smiles. Improper dental care early in life can lead to serious complications down the line, which is why we always recommend a healthy balanced diet and good oral care to our patients.



On Your First Visit

Cleaning, Exam, X-Ray & Fluoride

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Child receiving a kids fluoride treatment

The Benefits of Kids Fluoride Treatment

Sometimes children don’t receive enough fluoride from the food and water they consume, which is why we provide pediatric fluoride treatments during teeth cleaning visits.

During your child’s cleaning, our dental professionals may apply a foam or varnish directly on the enamel to keep your child’s teeth protected from deterioration and decay. Fluoride is a perfectly safe solution for children to maintain a healthy smile.

Schedule a Fluoride Treatment

Our dental professionals are committed to child’s oral health. At Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we offer a new patient special for $79! This includes a full cleaning, exam, fluoride treatment, and x-rays. Contact us to schedule your child’s visit.