Discovery Kids candy collection

Discovery Kids Collected Over 100 Pounds of Halloween Candy to Send to Troops Overseas

UPDATES: Discovery Kids Dental Collected 100+ Pounds of Candy!

From November 4-6, we collected candy from 25 kids, who collectively brought in over 100 pounds of candy. Thank you to all of the families who participated!

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Discovery Kids Dental is participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back program.

After you trick or treat, bring your candy into the office. We will buy it from you at a rate of $1 per pound. The candy gets shipped overseas to active duty soldiers.

Why Part With Your Halloween Candy?

Halloween candy buy backs at Discovery Kids DentalGorging on candy during Halloween has become an American tradition, but it’s easy to see why your dentist isn’t a huge fan of the practice. It isn’t good for our teeth or our bodies. Plus, receiving a bundle of Halloween candy collected during a child’s trick or treating excursion will brighten a soldier’s day and flood them with nostalgia.

We still want you to have fun trick or treating this Halloween! But instead of keeping all the candy, why not just keep a few pieces and give the rest away to make a soldier smile? And don’t forget, you’ll get $1 for every pound of candy you give away!

We will be available for the Candy Buy Back from Nov 4-6 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Please note that the limit is 5 lbs of candy.

Check out this video from ABC about the Halloween Candy Buy-Back program.