Gloss Dental Discount Plan

A Dental Discount Plan for the Whole Family

gloss dental logoFor our patients who do not have dental insurance coverage, we offer the Gloss Dental Discount Plan. Visit a professional dentist office you can trust and receive immediate savings during visits!

Gloss works like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. Your family will pay an annual fee of $199 (or $18 per month) and will receive 10-60% savings on dental work.

The Gloss Dental Discount Plan enables your child to take advantage of a top rated pediatric dentistry (that’s us!), while the adult members of the family receive the same exceptional care at one of our 10+ dental locations in the Colorado Springs area that participate in the Gloss program.

Members Save Up to 50% on All Dental Procedures

gloss dental discount plan

New Patients Can Enroll During Their First Visit


Gloss Dental Discount Benefits

  • Save on Common Dental Procedures
    Low monthly rates that fit your family’s budget and up to 60% savings on dental work. $18/month or $199/year for the whole family! With the Gloss Family Plan. everyone will receive benefits- there is no limit to the number of family members that can take advantage of the benefits! 
  • Immediate Savings
    No waiting periods, complicated reimbursement procedures, and deductible-free.
  • Our Providers
    Access to professional, skilled specialists and general dentists for the entire family.

Take a look at the savings you and your family can receive at a Gloss approved dental office:

Procedure Original Price Gloss Price
Periodic Exam – D0120 $66 $24
Comprehensive Perio Exam – D0180 $124 $63
New Patient Exam – D0150 $116 $92.80
Prophylaxis (Child Cleaning) – D1120 $86 $31
Limited Exam – D0140 $97 $38
Prophylaxis (Regular Cleaning) – D1110 $114 $48
Fluoride – D1206 $52 $25
Full-mouth x-rays – D0210 $165 $50
4-bite Wings (x-rays) – D0274 $82 $25
1-surface filling, white resin – D2330, D2391 $214 anterior, $230 posterior $171.20, $184
2-surface filling, white resin – D2331, D2392 $256 anterior, $295 posterior $204.80, $185
Panoramic X-ray – D0330 $142 $113.60
Simple Extraction – D7140 $242 $193.60
Surgical Extraction – D7210 $356 $284.80
All-Porcelain Crown – D2740 $1392 $1113.60
Sealant – D1351 $70 $56
Fabricate Athletic Mouthguards – D9941 $342 $273.60
Spacer Maint-fixed Unilateral – D1510 $387 $309.60
Resin-One Surface Anterior – D2330 $214 $171.20
Perio Maintenance – D4910 $169 $135.20

Why Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry?

Choosing the right dental office for your child can be stressful, but our pediatric dentistry is a welcoming environment for your little one. Our staff of professional dentists will put your child at ease and provide specialized care so that your youngsters oral health remains a priority throughout their adolescent years.

Select a dentistry that will keep your child’s smile healthy and offers discounted rates that the entire family can enjoy! Contact us to learn more about how you and your family can begin saving with Gloss Dental Discount Plan.