eat with braces

How and What to Eat with Braces

Most parents assume that getting braces is only for cosmetic reasons. Few realize that it is actually just one step of many that dentists use to correct overbites, crooked teeth, and spacing issues. As our children get older, their teeth move around a lot. By the age of seven, dentists recommend starting spacing procedures (if needed) to aid teeth to come in straight. While straight teeth do look nicer than a crooked smile, having teeth that are straight and spaced correctly also helps your child eat and speak.

At Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we look at your child’s dental record and by age seven we are able to recommend a course of orthodontic treatment. By a child’s teenage years, most will need braces or Invisalign to finish this dental correction. Whether you choose the more economical option of traditional braces, or you decide convenience is worth the extra dollar with Invisalign, your child’s eating habits will need to be adjusted.

Food and Braces

Eating with any orthodontic device in your mouth is tricky, but there are some things you can do to alleviate the discomfort when eating with braces.

  1. Avoid caramel and other sticky candies
  2. Limit snacks and do not consume popcorn
  3. Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled brush after eating
  4. Take ibuprofen if you have any sensitivity

The Benefit of Invisalign

Even though Invisalign costs a bit more, it may be worth it to avoid the frustrations of braces. With Invisalign, we still recommend avoiding sticky candies and foods that may increase your chances of cavities, but overall, eating with Invisalign is easy and painless. While most dentists will tell you to remove your aligners while you eat and brush before you put them back in, some dentists will allow you to eat while they are still in your mouth.

In addition, Invisalign does not have any brackets or bands that may get broken if you eat certain foods. It is also unlikely to experience sensitivity after eating because food will not get caught in the metal and irritate the gums.

Get the Info and Make the Choice

There is a lot to consider when choosing which orthodontic treatments to get for your child. Our professional and caring dental team is happy to provide you with all of the resources and education so you can make the right choice. Over 80% of teenagers will get braces before they turn 20 years old, so there is no need to feel alone. If you are ready, we would love to care for your child’s smile. Schedule an appointment today – we are now offering new patients their first visit, cleaning with fluoride treatment, and x-rays for just $79!