Endodontic Services

When a child’s tooth has an infection that has reached the root, we will perform a pediatric root canal. During a root canal, we remove all of the infected pulp from inside of the tooth, and then we disinfect the tooth to make sure all remaining bacteria is eliminated. After the root canal, we place a crown on the tooth to provide strength and restore its appearance.

If you think your child may need a root canal, it’s a good idea to be proactive. Allowing a tooth infection to go untreated for too long can result in a dental emergency.



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Cleaning, Exam, X-Ray & Fluoride

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Root canal for kids procedure

Root Canals for Kids

Root canal therapy may seem scary; however, treatment is common and generally takes one visit. If necessary, we also are able to provide extractions in our office. At Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we offer oral sedation options so it is a painless experience for your child.

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You can be sure your child will receive quality care under Dr. Haman and the Discovery Kids’ team. To learn more about root canal therapy or book your child’s consultation, contact us today.