Dental Sedation for Kids

Dr. Haman is trained to provide oral sedation for anxious patients. Oral sedation is medication that is either swallowed by the child or placed under their tongue. Your child will stay conscious during treatment, but will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Laughing gas is another form of conscious sedation for children who are scared of treatment. Your child will be provided with a mask, through which they will breathe in the gas. The gas will relax your child and ease their anxiety, but they remain awake throughout the procedure. Laughing gas is very safe and has been used for many years as a sedation option.



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When is Sedation Recommended?

Sedation is an good option for child if they are undergoing endodontic services, like root canal therapy. A sedation option during a root canal procedure will numb the treatment area as well as help your child relax.

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Contact us to speak about our conscious sedation options. Our dental professionals can discuss any questions that you may have and help determine if sedation is the right decision for your child.