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Laying the Groundwork for a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontics refers to strategies used to align smiles. When most people think about straight teeth, they’re picturing the cosmetic effects. However, the impact of a misaligned bite extends beyond appearance.

To help your child develop a beautiful and healthy smile in adulthood, Dr. Haman uses various techniques to encourage proper alignment. Treatment can start as early as 7 years old, but we treat children and teens of all ages using space maintenance techniques, and braces.



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Orthodontics for Children and Teens

At Discovery Kids Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Michelle Haman has over 30 years of experience straightening teeth, correcting bites, and giving children and teens comfortable, beautiful smiles.

It’s a common misconception that having straight teeth is merely for cosmetic value. While it is true that an aligned smile can have a positive impact on appearance, it also improves the function of your child’s teeth. Teeth that are misaligned wear unevenly, due to uneven distribution of pressure. Crooked teeth that overlap also present a challenge when it comes to flossing.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s no harm in desiring a straighter smile for cosmetic reasons. If your child feels confident in their smile – that is a great perk!


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Nearly 80% of children and teens will have braces before adulthood. That means that the odds of your child or teen needing orthodontic treatment are nearly guaranteed. While traditional metal braces may seem like an old orthodontic treatment, they are actually the most effective at correcting misalignment (even in the most severe of cases) and bite issues. While there are alternatives on the market, such as clear alignment systems, we recommend traditional braces for children and teens. Here is why:

  • Clear aligners require maturity and discipline – as these aligners can be removed, many children may forget to replace the aligners or not wear them for the required amount of time. Because these tend to be more expensive than traditional braces, if they aren’t worn correctly it can be a costly waste of your money.
  • New dental technology and anesthesia options allow braces to be installed comfortably and with little pain.
  • Traditional braces are more effective at correcting severe cases of misalignment and bite issues and tend to have better success rates in patients with late intervention (over the age of 14).
  • Braces can be maintained easily with good brushing, flossing, and rinsing habits (all of which are taught to your child at their orthodontic appointments by our excellent dental hygienists).
  • Traditional braces provide families with an affordable choice for bite and space correction. Our team works hard to provide custom payment options for each patient and family to allow them to improve the quality of their life without damaging their finances.

Other Orthodontic Interventions

Space Maintenance

During your child’s checkup, Dr. Haman may recommend that your child undergoes different methods for space maintenance (which can be referred to as Phase 1 Orthodontics), which we use when children’s mouths are simply too small for their adult teeth.

Some of the methods we use for space maintenance include:

  • Palatal Expander: A device that expands the upper dental arch.
  • Spacers: Tools used to reserve space in the mouth when a tooth falls out earlier than is ideal.
  • Tooth Removal: Sometimes, we can strategically remove baby teeth in order to prevent adult teeth from becoming impacted or crowded.

The Importance of Early Orthodontic Intervention

Early orthodontic intervention can be the difference between affordable braces and space maintainers or expensive and extensive procedures later on. Not only will later procedures be more painful, but your budget will also take a hit. Early intervention with orthodontics can:

  • Keep the upper and lower dental arches at an appropriate width
  • Provide adequate space for incoming permanent teeth
  • Decrease the likelihood of tooth extraction
  • Help avoid impacted permanent teeth
  • Correct damage from thumb sucking or improper use of bottles
  • Improve swallowing and encourage proper enunciation in speech

How We Can Help

If your child or teen has bite issues, misalignment of the teeth or jaw, or spacing concerns, Dr. Michelle Haman can help you determine if traditional braces are right for your child and when intervention may be necessary – or if other orthodontic treatments may be a better option. Many children will have lost several of their baby teeth by the age of 7, which leaves open spaces for adult teeth to start filling in these gaps. Sometimes, the permanent teeth do not erupt appropriately and can force other baby teeth or permanent teeth out of alignment. This can result in many dental issues and even tooth loss. When this happens, early orthodontic intervention is critical.

Your Trusted Colorado Springs Orthodontist

It may seem overwhelming to start orthodontic treatment, especially if it is your first child or if they just turned 7 years old. Our team is passionate about helping you navigate this new journey! With over three decades of experience as pediatric dentists and orthodontists in Colorado Springs, we are certain you will feel right at ease with our team.

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Hear from One of Our Past Patients

Dr. Haman With Nico

We’ve received many kind reviews from parents who’ve been happy with their son or daughter’s treatment. Here’s what Nico’s mom had to say after treatment:

So in just less than one year, Nico has beautiful, straight teeth AND he passed Dr. Haman in height! Lol. 2 kids done with braces with the help of Discovery Kids, 1 to go!

Love this place! Call Dr. Haman’s office for pediatric dentistry or orthodontics! We’ve been coming here for 10 years—They are the best!!

~Kimberly C.